Baja Dog Rescue

Veterinary Medical Care Program with Transport

Recently you may have read that we have established our Emergency Veterinarian Hospital at our facility in Baja, California. We have also recently partnered with a medical transport service that provides transport for your dogs to our Veterinary Hospital. Over the past year our Veterinary Hospital has successfully helped and treated hundreds of sick dogs in the Baja, California area. We have expanded our services to San Diego County residents. We understand that the cost of veterinary care can be overwhelming at times and we see the effects of not bing able to provide medical care for your loving animals because the cost is too high. Baja Dog Rescue’s Veterinary Medical Care Program offers Low-Cost veterinary medical services to San Diego residents to help keep your pet healthy or to assist in complicated or costly medical procedures. We have a qualified medical transport service that will pick up your pet from your home or work and transport them to our Veterinary medical facility in Baja,California.

We will perform a medical evaluation based on medical records from your own vet that you provide and offer affordable care options. If you decide to go ahead with care we will perform the treatments in our very own veterinary medical facility. Our transport service will then bring your pet safety back to your home and work the same day. It is that simple. We want to help keep your loved ones healthy and provide a safe, qualified, affordable alternative to costly San Diego veterinarian fees. Contact us today to find out about our services.


We have successfully treated cancer, Parvo, distemper, dental issues, eye problems, spay and neuter, blood borne illnesses, mange and skin issues, liver and kidney issues. We can provide blood work testing, eye examinations, deparasiting and de worming, flea medication, regular check up and the following:

Giardia Care & Treatment
Skin Infection
Renal Failure
Blood Pressure
Wilson’s Disease
Eye ulcer
Eye Infections
Melting Ulcer
Heart Failure
Skin Allergies
Mega colon Disease

Tick medication
Fecal Floatation Testing
Heart Worm Presentation & Care
De-Worming and De-Parasiting
Treatment of Worms Infection
Ear infection

Transmissible Venereal Tumor
Mast Cell