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Rescue – Baron

Poor Baron was found outside of our sanctuary. Baron is very sick and needs surgery desperately.

Baron has a severe infection that has been outgoing for several weeks. The infection was so severe that it ate away the skin around the inside of his leg. The connection to his paw is completely broken. Part of the bone in the leg is exposed and has rotten. His wound is covered in maggots. He is severely anemic. The poor boy can not walk and was in agonizing pain.

We took Baron in and immediately began emergency treatment on him. We started by trying to get the infection under control. We injected him with pain killers every 8 hours, along with IV antibiotics-giving him three every 8 hours. Has to be forced feed and IV fluids to maintain hydration and also repair the severe dehydration he has. Baron is stable but will need extensive surgery to help him walk again.


We have done X-rays today to try and figure the best way that we can save Baron’s leg. We were horrified when we found poor Baron’s body riddled with BB pellets! Around 100 pellets all over his body and leg.  They will require additional surgery to remove all the pellets. Someone was using this poor sweet dog for target practice!  It will require several surgeries to find and remove all the pellets.  We need your help so we can get all them out of poor Baron.  Please Please donate and share today.  This poor dog has suffered enough in his life!

Baron has made it so far.  He is now struggling with Cancer and needs to receive chemotherapy to survive.  His body is covered with small tumors.  He has survived abuse, neglect, and suffered so much.  We can make a difference and complete his healing process with chemotherapy.  But we need your help to finish the healing process and show Baron that there is a better life for him in this world.



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