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About the Baja Dog Rescue Sponsorship Program

Our Baja Dog Rescue Sponsorship Program allows dog lovers to sponsor one of our rescued pooches and help them through the recovery process. As a BDR Sponsor you get bi-monthly, private updates on the dog’s progress, along with photos (similar to the Sally Struthers Sponsor-A-Child program of the 1980s). Your small, monthly recurring donation helps pay for his or her ongoing medical care, food, shelter, and extra love. We will send you regular updates on his progress with photos, and you can even decide on a name for your sponsored pooch. If you ever want to meet your sponsor dog in person to give him a treat or a toy we can bring that pup to one of our Saturday adoption events, once it is healthy, or you can drop off treats or toys at our weekly event and we will send you a photo of your dog enjoying your generous donation.

Do something special for one of our rescued dogs…it will be an experience you will always remember!

If you wish to sponsor a BDR dog please email us at and we can provide you with a list of dogs available for sponsorship and how to join. We rely solely on the donations of caring people like you to help these dogs.

Current Sponsor Dogs


Hope was found on the streets in pain, and brought to the shelter.  What was initially thought to be a bad case of mange was actually burns over a large portion of her body.  After an IV, burn medication, anti-biotics, and pain killers she is doing much better.  We’ve been able to slowly wean her off the pain killers, and while her hair isn’t growing back yet, her attitude and outlook has improved by leaps and bounds, giving Hope to us all.

06/06/13: Hope is currently being sponsored, but is going to require a lot more medical care.  Donate today to help speed her recovery.

07/22/13: Thanks to many kind hearted people we were able to raise $1,000 to help fund Hopes recovery.  This is fantastic, and a very large Thank You to everyone who was able to donate.  We took some updated pictures of Hope this morning to share with everyone.  She’s healing very nicely.

Hope is now ready for adoption.  Most of her fur has grown back, she will never have a full coat however, she also has some stiffness in her joints.  She is a very happy and energetic dog just waiting to find her forever family.




Barbara and her pack of rescued dogs, Moose, Shelby, and Loki have graciously sponsored this pooch in need. His new name in Noah, and with help from Barbara and her family he should make a full recovery!

Duke – Available for Adoption!

Thank you to Lizeth for naming and sponsoring this little guy. With her help Duke is on his way to recovery.

Previous Sponsor Dogs

Rufus – ADOPTED!

Rufus was rescued from the streets and brought to our shelter with an number of serious ailments. Thanks in part to his BDR Sponsor, Sara, Rufus has made a full recovery and is now available for adoption. When brought in Rufus was suffering from the following conditions: Eye infection, severely dehydrated, hypoglycemic, sever skin infection in back, right leg, anemic, mange, and round and hook worms.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Rufus now


Lucky   ADOPTED!

This little guy was brought in back in July by a good samaritan. Lucky, as his sponsor Bob had named him, was suffering from shock. Apparently he had been taking some beatings from his owners and they left him to die on the side of the road when a neighbor brought him in. Lucky slept solid for almost a week when he arrived at our shelter. Many of our rescued dogs do this because they have been so exhausted from being on alert and trying to find food, not to mention being dehydrated. Once they feel that they are safe and they receive food they can finally relax. Lukcy was suffering from the following conditions when he was brought to BDR: Full of skin infections, eye infection, really bad Mange, and severe shock.

Thanks to Bob for sponsoring Lucky! This guy  has a ton of personality and is now living in a loving home here in San Diego.

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Hush Puppy ADOPTED!

We found this adorable pup tied to our shelter gate back in July. With the help of his sponsor, Angela, the newly named “Hush Puppy” recovered from his wounds, abrasions, and nervousness and found a new loving home in San Diego. We are not too sure of Hush Puppy’s past, but he was suffering from the following conditions when he was brought in: Severe Mange, cuts all over his body, badly infected skin, and he was bleeding from his legs, paws, and forehead.

Thanks Angela for sponsoring Hush Puppy back to health!

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