Baja Dog Rescue

Volunteers are always needed at Baja Dog Rescue. We have the following positions available for anyone interested in volunteering:

Food Transporter

This job is to collect food from donating people or stores and drop it off at our San Diego Volunteer home or our Storage Locker in San Ysidro.
This job is perfect for someone that is 18 or older, has a valid drivers license, can lift several large bags of dog (approximately 60lb)
and has reliable transportation.

Kennel Workers

This job involves traveling to our rehabilitation facility in Baja, cleaning kennels, supplying food and water, showing the dogs how it feels to be cared for, and assisting in caring for sick or injured dogs. This job is perfect for someone with a big heart that can emotionally handle seeing suffering animals and someone with a proper passport.

Adoption Event Volunteers

We need volunteers to help make the adoption event a special experience for each family seeking to add a dog to heart and home. It’s actually a fun thing to do!
As a volunteer, you have to do stuff like set up tables and crates, talk with perspective adoptive families and to make your day even better, you get to love on
the doggies so they also have a good experience at the event.

Promotional Volunteers

We want to get the word out about Baja Dog Rescue and let people know about all the wonderful dogs we have for adoption.
It would simply involve passing out flyers to local venues, markets, pet stores and organizations so they can learn more about us,
what we do and hopefully help us get more dogs adopted.

Fundraising Volunteers

It takes alot of love to do what we do, but it also takes money. Food, medicine, supplies, shelters all need to be purchased
to save the lives of these wonderful dogs. As a Fundraining Volunteer you would help us to set up fundraising ideas and events to
raise money for our organization. It would also involve talking with local businesses to donate medical supplies, food and bedding for our facility.

Technical Volunteers

We are good at rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, but not so technically savy. We need volunteers to help with updating our website, expanding our web and Facebook presence, and creating online media to share our rescue and rehabilitation efforts with people.

Vet/Vet Assistant

This job is perfect for someone that is a vet, is going to veterinarian school, or someone that is interested in assisting a vet. This job would require a passport, willingness to travel to Baja California, someone that is qualified to perform spay and neuters or can assist in spay and neuters, someone that is comfortable seeing sick and injured animals and someone that is comfortable giving vaccinations and medications to the animal via injection. This position requires no vet experience; we will train basic medical care.

You are welcome to come down to talk and visit with us at any of our adoption events or contact us online using the form below to request information regarding volunteering for Baja Dog Rescue.